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WordMat is an addon to Microsoft Word. When installed a menu will be available in Word granting access to advanced mathematical functions. WordMat is free, released under GNU General Public Licence.

  • WordMat is one tool for all your math needs
  • Input and output is correct mathematical notation
  • Full layout control since Word is the editor
  • Words equation editor for Word is really good and fast. Everything can be entered using the keyboard


  • Words equation editor does not support automatic numbering and referencing of equations. WordMat adds this feature.
  • Convertion of equations to LaTex entered using Words equation editor
  • LaTex template. WordMat installs LaTex fonts and includes a template which mimics the look of LaTex documents.
    LaTex documents without the hassle!
  • WordMat can also be used as an editor that uses MikTex to create actual LaTex documents (Beta feature)
  • Enter expressions using the equation editor and let WordMat calculate the result
    This includes advanced calculation such as derivatives and integration using standard notation
  • All kinds of CAS manipulation
  • Analytical og numeric solving of equation, inequalities and systems of equations
  • Solving of Differential equations
  • Linear, exponential, power, polynomial, user defined regression
  • 2D & 3DPlot of functions using Graph, GeoGebra, Excel & GnuPlot
  • Calculation of frequencies, cumulative frequencies, fractiles, mean value and spread.
  • Histogram, Box and whisker plot, etc
  • Chi square test and Goodness of fit test
  • Distributions: Normal, Binomial, Chi-square
  • Triangle solver.
    Enter known sides/angles and WordMat calculates the remaining sides and angles and draws the triangle
  • Complex numbers
  • Support for units
  • Predefined physics constants and values

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • MacOSX (Intel & M1/M2) up to Sonoma
  • Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / o365  and 2011(Mac) 2016(Mac)



Screenshots for WordMat