Version 1.29.1 (21/4-2024)
Attempt at making WordMat more antivirus friendly
Only Windows

Version 1.29 (9/2-2024)
New modern UI. All forms redesigned. New Microsoft font Aptos used
Graphing now graphs the entire selected equationfield regardless of any selection
Bug resolved: Graphing with GeoGebra calc suite converted log -> ln
WordMat now guides you if you have set equations to Latex to change it to Unicode
Better validation and error reporting
Latex fixed for MikTex in user profile
New option to connect to Maxima using WSH on Windows. This function requires Partnership. The function is an alternative to the c# api, which can be used if there are antivirus problems. It can also be used if WordMat is installed without Admin priviliges.
Better handling of the hidden document.
Many bugs resolved

Version 1.28 (15/12-2023)
Numeric calculation is now default
Automatic Backup is now disabled by default. It can cause problems.
Equation solving problem when using period as decimal separator solved.
Graphing using GeoGebra browser now uses ‘GeoGebra Calculator Suite’
‘GeoGebra Calculator Suite’ is now default graphing program on both Windows and Mac
WordMat on Windows nows supports all different flavors of GeoGebra: Classic 5, Classic 6, Calculator Suite, Graphing App, CAS App
(Only Classic 5 supported on Mac)
GeoGebra 5 is no longer installed with WordMat
If GeoGebra 5 is not installed, the user is guided to complete the installation, when first used.
If more than one flavor of GeoGebra is installed the priority is Classic 5, Calculator Suite, Classic 6, Graphing App, CAS App
If more than one version of GeoGebra is installed the newest version is now used.
Update function improved. Update now also Works on Mac.
Link to Maxima help now works
Windows Installer now defaults to ‘user’ installation. This to prepare for nonadmin
Several bugs resolved

Version 1.27 (15/10-2023)
– Support for MacOS Sonoma
– Maxima upgraded to version 5.47.0
– GeoGebra updated to version 804
– Several bugs in the CAS-part resolved. mainly in equation solver
– In piecewise definitions you can now use OR, AND or the \vee symbol
– Output longer than 500 characters is now supported
– Direction field improvements for GeoGebra
– Binomial and normaldistribution formulae revised to better help with definitions and support GeoGebra
– Formuale for vectors now defines vectors if not already defined

Version 1.26 (2/8-2023)
– GeoGebra updated
– Differential equation solver now has button to numerically solve the differential equation
– Support for f'(x)=… notation in differential equations
– Numerical solver for differential equations: improved and bugs resolved.
– Complete support for piecewise-defined functions in calculations and graphplotting with GnuPlot or GeoGebra
– Problems with Formulae in the menu resolved
– Formulae for confidence interval added to binomial menu
– Excel sheet ‘Statistik’: columns expanded to show more digits
– Excel sheet ‘Simulering’ has a new binomial example
– New shortcut overview
– MikTex support fixed (still in Beta)
– Support for another way of entering vectors in Word.
– Solved problem with vector calculations using GeoGebra
– Several minor bug fixes

Version 1.25 (7/8-2022)
– GeoGebra updated
– Several minor bug fixes

Version 1.24 (24/4-2022)
This is a major release with a number of new featues, focusing on a stronger interaction with GeoGebra
News in this version:
– Alternate CAS engine: GeoGebra
– Maxima version aligned and updated to 5.45.1 for Windows and both Mac-versions
– New Plotting option: ‘GeoGebra Browser’ Much faster than GeoGebra 5
– GnuPlot removed from the Mac version. It never really worked well on Mac. The new ‘GeoGebra browser’ plotting option replaces it.
– Simultaneous equation solving now works on Mac-M1
– Volume of revolution now works on Mac with GeoGebra
– 3D plot now works on Mac
– Numeric differential equation solver now works on Mac
– Convertion to GeoGebra syntax now also works for vectors and matrices (dot product, has to be applied using dot(u,v), not by using a dot-operator)
– Latex template now works on Mac
Many minor bug fixes

Version 1.22 (7/3-2020)
This release is mainly about differential equations
– Improved differential equation solver with initial conditions
– Solves some problems with directional field graphs.
– binomial sheets slightly improved.

Denne version handler primært om differentialligninger
– Forbedret differentialligningsløser for differentialligninger med startbetingelser
– Retningsfelt omdøbt til hældningsfelt
– Løst nogle problemer med plotning af hældningsfelt.
– uafh. variabel kunne kun være y
– Nogle gange blev hele løsningskurven ikke tegnet
– binomialarket / binomialtest kan man nu indtaste enten observeret middelværdi eller observeret p-værdi

Version 1.21 (29/2-2020)
Dette er en mindre opdatering der retter fejl
– Middelværdi og spredning på statistikarket for grupperede observationer blev ikke beregnet korrekt
– Ved eksponentiel regression på Excel-graf arket vises nu også på formen y=b*a^x
– Student t-fordelingen åbnede ikke
– Hjælp til Maxima kommandoer virkede ikke
– Nogle udtryk med pi virkede ikke på Mac
derudover nogle få mindre rettelser

Version 1.20 (10/2-2020)
Denne version lukker nogle huller i forhold til pensum i den nye læreplan.
– Statistik-regnearket opdateret
– Binomialregnearket tilføjet usikkerhedsberegninger
– Ved regression i graf-regnearket kan residualerne overføres direkte til statistikarket.
– Understøttelse af ny notation til partielt afledte fx: f_yx”(x,y)
– Understøttelse af nabla-operator
– I forrige version manglede der understøttelse af nogle enheder. Det er nu rettet.

Version 1.19 (20/11-2019)

– Resolves af number of old and new CAS related problems introduced in the previous version.
Vector and matrix calculations functional again
Improvements in 1st order Differential equations
Improvements in numerical integration
The number of significant figures are now correct
Error handling improved
many smalller improvements to CAS
– Codesigning of Windows-installer and all macro-files ensure smoother installation. Less virus-warnings and macro warnings.

Version 1.18 (27/10-2019)

– Support for MacOS Catalina.
– Updates Maxima from version 5.30.0 to version 5.38.1.

Version 1.17 (23/4-2019)

Solves a few bugs

– bug in confidence interval in Binomialtest
– small bugs in Graph.xlsx and GnuPlot

Version 1.16 (18/2-2019)

– Solves problem with new statistics calculation on Excel Graph sheet
Improves Mac version:
– Quicker start of first calculation
– Strange dark box now only appears when using GeoGebra or Excel.
– Starting Excel sheets will now open without initial error about missing idx file, and open in larger window

Version 1.15 (30/1-2019)

– Solves more problems with Word update version 16.21 on Mac (compile error)
– Solves a few bugs.
– Added some statistics on the Excel Graph sheet
– Improved Binomial test sheet (uncertainty, confidence interval)
– Added Excel sheet with student’s t-test

Version 1.14 (20/1-2019)

– Solves problem with Word update version 16.21 on Mac (will not calculate)
– Support for piecewise definitions of functions added
– Solved a few bugs on the mac version for GnuPlot.

Version 1.13 (21/4-2018)

– Mac version now ships with GeoGebra 5 which WordMat supports. Hence no more problems with the different GeoGebra versions.
– Update checker did not work since the home page was updated. This has been resolved, and update check added to the mac-version.
– Language problem when opening GOF solved
– Excel graph can now plot equations types in word and points from a table in word(Only Windows)
– Alt+c removed as shortcut for calculate because of compatibility problems with WordMark
– Annuitetsformler tilføjet formelsamling
– Minor bugfixes for the Mac version

Version 1.12 (20/4-2017)

– Bug fixes

Version 1.11 (19/11-2017)

– Support for Mac Word 2016 (Support for Word 2011 for Mac slutter med v. 1.04)
– WordMat er 100% oversat til engelsk og forberedt for oversættelse til andre sprog
– Adskillige mindre fejl løst

Version 1.10 (2/10-2015)

– Support for Office 2016
– GeoGebra updated
– Bug removed: Backup setting was not stored
– Undo now possible for all functions

Version 1.09 (17/5-2015)

– New automatic backup function
– Table values used for regression now support math boxes with definitions etc.
– Improvements to equation solver
– English manual completed thanks to Bruno Fischer Colonimos
– Bug fixes