FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How about Mac-computers?
Not available. Maybe in the future.

Where do I get more information?
Read the Manual, which can be accessed from the menu, once installed.

Which versions of Office are supported?
You can use Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, o365 but not earlier versions. WordMark does not work with Word online or iPad versions.

I think I found a new bug. How do I report the bug?
Please check that the bug hasn’t been described here before you submit an email. If the bug appears to be new, you can send an email to eduap@eduap.com, with a thorough description of the bug. Please attach screendumps and/or a worddocument from which I can recreate the error.

The installer says Word is not installed or The WordMark menu doesn’t appear.
Check the point above about Office versions.

WordMark suddenly disappeared from the Ribbon in Word.
Word has deactivated WordMark. You can reactivate it in startmenu / all programs / WordMark / Reactivate WordMark. You can manually activate WordMark from within Word: Files / Settings / Addons / Choose ’Word-Addons’ .Make sure there is a checkmark by WordMark.dotm. Press OK. Another approach: Files / Settings / Addons / Choose ’deactivated elements’. Mark and activate WordMark.dotm.