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WordMath is an addon to Microsoft Word. When installed a menu will be available in Word making it possible to do mathematical calculations from within Word. The installer on this site is free of charge for non-commercial purposes. See here for WordMath license


Enter an expression using Words Builtin equation editor and let WordMath calculate the result. You can use the Ribbon menu or the keyboard shortcut Alt + B (Option + B on Mac).


WordMath can handle complex expression including vectors, matrices, calculus etc.


WordMath can solve equations (Keyboard shortcut Alt+L)

Equation solved

When solving an equation you must choose the variable to solve for

Select variables

Here is an example of a more complex equation solved using WordMath

Equation solved

WordMath can calculate different forms of regression and plot graphs
(Choose from several different graph programs)


WordMath has a triangle solver, that can calculate sides, angles and draw the triangle

Triangle solver

WordMath also has a Latex Template, and adds equations numbering to Word

Equation numbering

Additional Features

  • Convertion of equations to LaTex entered using Words equation editor
  • LaTex template. WordMath installs LaTex fonts and includes a template which mimics the look of LaTex documents.
    LaTex documents without the hassle!
  • WordMath can also be used as an editor that uses MikTex to create actual LaTex documents (Beta feature)
  • All kinds of CAS manipulation, factoring, …
  • Analytical og numeric solving of equation, inequalities and systems of equations
  • Solving of Differential equations
  • Linear, exponential, power, polynomial, user defined regression
  • 2D & 3DPlot of functions using Graph, GeoGebra, Excel & GnuPlot
  • Calculation of frequencies, cumulative frequencies, fractiles, mean value and spread.
  • Histogram, Box and whisker plot, etc
  • Chi square test and Goodness of fit test
  • Distributions: Normal, Binomial, Chi-square
  • Complex numbers
  • Support for units
  • Predefined physics constants and values

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • MacOSX (Intel & Apple Silicon) up to Sonoma
  • Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / o365  and 2011(Mac) 2016(Mac)


This videos describes how to use the Latex template and equation numbering.