Version 1.17 (23/4-2019)

Solves a few bugs

– bug in confidence interval in Binomialtest
– small bugs in Graph.xlsx and GnuPlot

Version 1.16 (18/2-2019)

– Solves problem with new statistics calculation on Excel Graph sheet
Improves Mac version:
– Quicker start of first calculation
– Strange dark box now only appears when using GeoGebra or Excel.
– Starting Excel sheets will now open without initial error about missing idx file, and open in larger window

Version 1.15 (30/1-2019)

– Solves more problems with Word update version 16.21 on Mac (compile error)
– Solves a few bugs.
– Added some statistics on the Excel Graph sheet
– Improved Binomial test sheet (uncertainty, confidence interval)
– Added Excel sheet with student’s t-test

Version 1.14 (20/1-2019)

– Solves problem with Word update version 16.21 on Mac (will not calculate)
– Support for piecewise definitions of functions added
– Solved a few bugs on the mac version for GnuPlot.

Version 1.13 (21/4-2018)

– Mac version now ships with GeoGebra 5 which WordMat supports. Hence no more problems with the different GeoGebra versions.
– Update checker did not work since the home page was updated. This has been resolved, and update check added to the mac-version.
– Language problem when opening GOF solved
– Excel graph can now plot equations types in word and points from a table in word(Only Windows)
– Alt+c removed as shortcut for calculate because of compatibility problems with WordMark
– Annuitetsformler tilføjet formelsamling
– Minor bugfixes for the Mac version

Version 1.12 (20/4-2017)

– Bug fixes

Version 1.11 (19/11-2017)

– Support for Mac Word 2016 (Support for Word 2011 for Mac slutter med v. 1.04)
– WordMat er 100% oversat til engelsk og forberedt for oversættelse til andre sprog
– Adskillige mindre fejl løst

Version 1.10 (2/10-2015)

– Support for Office 2016
– GeoGebra updated
– Bug removed: Backup setting was not stored
– Undo now possible for all functions

Version 1.09 (17/5-2015)

– New automatic backup function
– Table values used for regression now support math boxes with definitions etc.
– Improvements to equation solver
– English manual completed thanks to Bruno Fischer Colonimos
– Bug fixes